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Babysitter Mexico City Family Assistant Pet sitter
Babies: 3 months and older
Hotel Babysitting


Our Nannies can look after your children and play with them at your hotel or residence.
Please check out our rates and policies.

Event Childcare Service


Book a Nanny or more and keep your children entertained while you enjoy an event.
Please check out our Rates and Policies.

Travel Nanny


This is our service for temporary Childcare.
Book a Nanny and take her with you during your out of town trip or for your whole stay in Mexico.
Rate will be based upon: number and age of children and expected working hours per day. Please contact us for a personalized rate.

Teen Chaperone 13-17


This is our service for your older ones!
From in room movie nights and activities in the hotel, to social and cultural experiences around the city!

Please contact us for a personalized rate.

Qualified Childcare while in Mexico City
Hotel Nanny Babysitter Mexico City is the first and only agency in Mexico City to offer qualified and personalized Hotel Babysitting, Travel and Event childcare.

Whether you are in Mexico City on vacation or for business, our nannies are ready to lend a hand by providing FUN, LOVELY and SAFE childcare services.


Do you have an upcoming event? We've got you covered! book one or more Nannies to entertain and take care of your children.

All of our services are personalized, we are good with routines and individual requirements.



Our Nannies can take your children to the hotel restaurant or call room service, play games, dance, do arts and crafts, watch movies and even take your children to the pool (+6 years old only).


We know how important your children are to you, that's why our nannies are carefully selected. All of them have previously worked as Au Pairs abroad, they are infant qualified, First Aid and CPR trained and speak English as a second language.

Our Nannies are real people with real life expectations and goals: Designers, Chefs, Singers, Musicians, School Teachers, College Students, Travelers, Bloggers, etc. And sure, they all share passion for children.


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We are D.I.Y / selfmade / small business
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