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Book a Nanny CDMX


Hotel Babysitting, Teen Chaperone:


4 hour minimum per session:

  • 1 Child:       $ 300.00 MXN per hour

  • 2 Children: $ 480.00 MXN per hour

  • 3 Children: $ 600.00 MXN per hour

  • Child must be at least 3 months of age.

  • Every human up to the age of 17 counts as a child.

  • Hours between midnight and 7 AM: +$2.00 USD per hour.

  • Late night transportation fee (after 9:00 PM) : +$15.00 USD per session.

  • Arts and Crafts and Face Painting can be purchased for an additional cost of $100 MXN per child, per session.

Travel Nanny, Kids Club (event childcare) & Nanny Concierge:

Please send an e-mail to and let us know all the details, also check out our policies.

Pet Sitting

Each dog or cat: $ 200.00 MXN per hour

Holiday Double Rate: Jan 1; Mar 8, 9; May 1, 5; Sep 15, 16, 19; Oct 31; Nov 1,2, Dec 24, 25, 31.


  • services operate on a first-come, first-served basis. Booking will be based on the availability of our Nannies.

  • There is a minimum of 4 hours required per session, including multiple sessions on the same day. Clients who stay out less than 4 hours should pay the 4-hour minimum.

  • To ensure your children receive the best care, there is a maximum of 3 children per nanny. If there are more than 3 children, a second Nanny should be hired.

  • Our Nannies will bring a "Childcare Waiver and Emergency Contact Form" That must be completed before the start of each session.

  • Our Nannies cannot administer medication of any kind (children or animals)

  • Our Nannies are not allowed to drive children, animals nor adults.

  • provides childcare services only. Nannies will not clean or do any domestic work outside of cleanup from the time they have spent with the children during the reservation.

  • Your Nanny must identify herself by Saying her name and showing you a Mexican ID, INE, Drivers License or Passport

  • Be prepared with cash. Payment should be made in cash directly to your Nanny at the end of each session. Our preferred currency is MXN.

  • A meal should be provided to the Nanny by the client for every 4 consecutive hours of service.

  • There is a 10-minute tolerance, after 10 minutes the full hour will be charged.

  • There is a Late-night transportation fee of $300 MXN to make sure your Nanny gets home safe.

  • Last-minute cancellations will result in the charge of the full four-hour minimum.

  •  is a referral service for "Nannies". The nanny works directly for you; not We make every reasonable effort to screen our Nannies, including police checks, reference screens, and in-person interviews. You agree to hold, harmless from any damages incurred by the Nannies we refer.

  • You agree not to hire our Nannies directly through them, but to always go through

    Travel Nanny

  • The client should also pay for the nanny’s travel expenses including but not limited to meals, accommodations, and activities (when she's doing them with you and/or your children).

  • The client should offer the Nanny a day and a half off per week.

  • The client must provide the nanny with a private room throughout the whole reservation.

  • On-duty time is the time when the Nanny is responsible for your children and can't leave to do something by herself.

  • Sleeping in the same room as children will be considered “On-duty time”.

    Pet Sitting

  • At the moment we do not offer this service exclusively for animals.

  • Nannies' main focus will be the children. Nannies will be happy to keep an eye, play, feed and give all their love to your special friend while with your children.

  • Each dog and /or each cat counts as a "child", we operate on a 1:3 ratio.

  • To ensure everybody's safety your Nanny is not allowed to walk your pet while on childcare duty.

  • All animals must be trained and considered part of the children's family.

    Nanny Concierge:

  • Similar to a Family Assistant, the rate will be based on each family's needs and workload.

  • Some of the activities your Nanny concierge can help with are:
    Laundry, making phone calls, translating Spanish-English, bookings (tables, museums, tickets to events), running errands, grocery shopping, removing garbage, loading and emptying the dishwasher.

  • Your Nanny concierge can help with easy meals for your children but won't cook for the entire family.

  • Consider that some of the tasks might need to take place while the Nanny is not on childcare duty but will still count as "on duty time".

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