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Our Story

Hello, my name is Susana Morales, they all call me Sooz and I started in 2015.

In 2012 I had the chance to join a Kids Club as an attendant at a resort in Tulum, Mexico. The Kids Club attendants were also the official babysitters at the resort, so during my spare time I did tons of services and saved a lot of money that I later spent on a trip to Europe. In 2013 I applied to the Au Pair program (a nanny on an exchange visa) in the USA, I worked full-time for two families, one in Connecticut and another in Nevada.

Almost two years after my Au Pair experience, I was offered the Children's Activities Coordinator position in a very big and famous hotel in Mexico City.

Within the first few weeks of my contract, I noticed that the babysitters that hotels in Mexico City (in general) hire for their guests are nurses from hospitals who usually don’t speak English. This makes communication very hard, not only for parents to let the caregiver know their needs, but it is also important to know what the children are trying to say! One time this VIP guest said, “Why do you send me a nurse if my children are not even sick?”. So I said to myself; “If I currently work in one of the biggest hotels in the city and I’m friends with this bunch of well-experienced girls, then “Why wouldn’t I start my Hotel-Babysitting agency?” So for weeks I sat at a coffee shop every day during my 3-hour break with pen and paper to write and draw ideas till I finally came with “

We are a great team of former Au Pairs in Mexico City who have a lot of experience, we all are First Aid + CPR trained and we all speak English very well. A super important thing: WE INTERACT WITH CHILDREN. I cannot say that I created the first hotel-babysitting agency in the world cause there are a lot of similar services, but at least I’m happy to say we are the first and only agency in Mexico City to offer Fun, Lovely,

and Safe childcare.

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